VE Shearman

Science Fiction / Fantasy Author

Wings of Floroth Trilogy

The complete Wings of Floroth Trilogy is now available in one handy volume.

The Duke’s Son

Book 1

To the people of the kingdom of Floroth, where magic is a normal part of life and fantastic creatures inhabit the surrounding lands, harpies are seen as an evil race. But when a Duke near the border of Floroth discovers a baby harpy, abandoned for the crime of merely being male, his kindhearted daughter convinces him to spare the baby and adopt him.

The boy’s true nature is hidden from everyone at first, including the harpy himself, but the web of secrets surrounding young Reyes must eventually unravel to reveal the truth.

When it does and Reyes discovers his true identity, will he revert to his unscrupulous harpy nature, or stay true to his human upbringing? The answer will determine the fate of Floroth as elves prepare to invade the kingdom.

The Princess’ Brother

Book 2

The human kingdom of Floroth is under attack as elves invade. Reyes, a harpy raised by humans, and his girlfriend Gaggara return to Floroth to do what they can to hinder the invasion despite the humans’ widespread mistrust of harpies.

Meanwhile his adopted sister Jenni is blissfully unaware of the incoming attack as she celebrates her wedding to the crown prince in the capital city.

Betrayal at the highest level leads to the quick conquering of Floroth, and it is up to Reyes to save his sister from the elves, who are determined to exterminate the royal family.

The King’s Knight

Book 3

Most of the human population has been enslaved and a large portion of them relocated to the island of Arliss for some unknown purpose.

The elves have all but won their war on Floroth.

The few humans who remain free are in hiding, with only a few thousand soldiers and a friendly flock of harpies led by Reyes Damothe to defend them.

To reclaim their people and their land, the people of Floroth must collaborate with unlikely allies and uncover an ancient secret that will change their way of life forever.

London Wild

London in the year 2948 was very much a city of lights. Every street in the city where people might have business during the dead of night, including the golden mile and the large shopping districts, was kept illuminated to the extent that it was often difficult to tell the difference between day and night.

If that wasn’t enough, there were cameras everywhere, dozens of cameras per street, more cameras than they could possibly afford to hire people to monitor. All to protect the people of the city from the cat-like hunters who prowled the streets of the city and the South-East of the country and who had done so for nearly an entire millennium now….

…February Sivka was seventeen. She had been born in the town of Sou’nd, virtually the east coast of the country, and had moved to Upminster as soon as she had been able, where she now lived alone.

During the day she worked as a computer programmer and web designer. She’d usually telecommute from home because of the perceived risk from the Herbaht. During the night she tended to relax with the newspaper or even an occasional book. She didn’t really know any of her neighbors all that well, but she had never given them any cause to be concerned about her occasional trips to the city.

Thanks to years of experience and the right combination of make-up, February was able to effectively hide her true race even from those who thought they did know her.

Every month, sometimes twice a month, February climbed into the driver’s seat of her car while it was still daylight outside (and therefore not too suspicious) and drove to London.

The Final Pantheon: A Short Story

Fifty billion years beyond the heat death of the universe, the surviving few members of the human race
have a wide variety of entertainments to help them pass the lonely millennia.

The most recent child of the human race (K.T.) loves to play at being a zebra on the plains of the Savannah,
a small part of one of the layers of the Onion on the vessel that is her home.

Now after two hundred thousand years, K.T. has reached the much vaunted physical age of 18
a landmark age because now she has access to the ultimate playground – Time.

A Brief History Of Time Travel: A Short Story

How does the past affect the now?
With as many as sixty people travelling into the past for work or play every hour in one country alone, what might they get up to?

Maybe Harold won the battle of Hastings.
Maybe Napoleon won at Waterloo
Maybe Boudicca chased the Romans out of Briton.

For the people living in the present, everything is as it always has been, even as the world is constantly changing around them.

Little Billy Niscombe is anxious to visit the Muesum of Time Travel to look at some of the more famous of the retired, time machines. What happens at the Museum is quite the adventure, but not necessarily for Billy.

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